Reverse Game

Reverse Game

Based on a game my friends and I play, here’s the Reverse Game ($1). Load in a folder of songs you want to use, and when everybody’s ready, hit “GO!” The song gets played backwards – challenge your friends to name the song and/or the artist before the song ends (at which point it plays it normally, so you can hear what you missed).

And just in case that’s not hard or fun enough for you, instead of playing it in reverse, you can also choose to play it 4x faster or 4x slower. Or, for extra challenge, have the game randomly choose between the speeds.

To make it more interesting, rename the song files to something that hides what songs they are, so that even you don’t know what song is playing!

It’s a lot of fun, and much harder than you’d think. Buy it now for only $1.

To play:

  • Download and install Max/MSP (it’ll tell you to buy a license, but you don’t have to)
  • Buy the Reverse Game patch, download and open the file
  • Make a folder of music files (no subfolders), and drag the folder onto the marked area in the game
  • Hit GO!

Rave Mode (Mac OS only)

Rave ModePut your computer into rave mode!

A fun little tool to make your Mac screen light and keyboard light react to sound. A great addition to any party.

Just download and install Max/MSP (free), download and open audeyoe_ravemode.mxf ($1), and have fun.

You can set it to react to incoming sound from the built-in microphone, or play an audio file from right there in the app. Set the sensitivity, and choose whether to control the screen, the keyboard light, or both.

Accidentally set your screen brightness to zero and can’t see? No problem, hit the spacebar to stop Rave Mode, and it’ll set your screen to the brightness it was when you opened the app.

See it in action:

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