PM5D iPad Control Instructions


  • PM5D iPad Control is still in testing. There are many features which are not added yet, and some other features that will not be added because of the limitations of the MIDI protocol. This controller is not designed to replace the functionality of the PM5D, just to give you some flexibility when you need to step away from the console.
  • Expect bugs. Please let me know if you have bugs (comments below are fine, or an email to so that I can fix them.
  • PM5D iPad Control has only been tested with a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.9.5. It SHOULD work just fine with other versions of Mac OS, and it SHOULD work just fine with most versions of Windows, as long as they meet the requirements for installing Max/MSP. But, it has not been tested, so purchase at your own risk. I highly recommend testing out just the computer-console part of it before spending the money on Mira.
  • Mira is a great application that allows you to send data back and forth between your computer and iPad. As of this writing, it costs $49.99. I do not develop or support this software, and I do not have any ability to change the price or even give out free licenses. You must purchase it separately.
  • In future versions, I will work to simplify the installation procedure, but as of the current version, the instructions below are accurate.
  • I am working on a way to sync state between the PM5D and the computer, but at this moment, they start up independently. As soon as any fader or button is touched on the PM5D, it will update in the software, but do not be surprised if you have faders or buttons up on the console that do not get reflected on the computer right when you first start it up. The controller opens with the following settings, so I recommend having your console in this state when starting up: All channel and stereo mix faders down, all “on” buttons off. All Mix and Matrix “on” buttons active, with their dials at unity. Stereo Mix A Fader at Unity, “on” button active. Stereo Mix B Fader down, “on” button off.


Instructions for use:

  1. Read the notes above. Seriously. It’s really important for my sanity that you do.
  2. Purchase and download the .mxf file from this site.
  3. Download and install Max/MSP from Cycling ’74. They will try to sell it to you, but note that you do not need to purchase a Max/MSP license to use PM5D iPad Control.
  4. Download the Mira supporting files package and install it according to their instructions.
  5. Buy and download Mira on your iPad or iPad Mini. (Trust me, you do not want to try to use this with an iPhone.)
  6. On the computer you wish to use with the PM5D, download and install the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver.
  7. On the PM5D, set the MIDI TX (transmit) port to USB port 1, and MIDI RX (receive) to USB port 2.
  8. Ensure that MIDI is enabled on the PM5D, and that “Multi” channel mode is selected (this can be found in the MIDI/Remote section).
  9. If you changed any of the MIDI Control Change assignments on the PM5D, reset to defaults to ensure that things are controlled correctly.
  10. Connect your computer to your PM5D console using USB.
  11. Ensure that both the computer and the iPad are on the same wireless network (or, create a wireless network on the computer, and connect directly to it via the iPad.
  12. Start using it!